Islington Living Streets

Making London a liveable city, a walking city, an inclusive city, a healthy city and a safer city

We are Islington Living Streets, part of London Living Streets, who are volunteers from all boroughs of London, campaigning to transform our streets and public places to create a city that enables and inspires people to walk. We want a city that is open to everyone — not just car users — to enjoy.

The Central London Walking Network

Remember the tube strike in 2017 writes David Harrison, Co-chair of London Living Streets. Full buses and angry and bewildered passengers in long queues at bus stops. I don’t blame them, but many seemed unaware that they could have easily walked to their destination. Important locations in Central London are often separated by just a short walk. Consider the area round Covent Garden: it’s a 15-minute walk for commuters from Waterloo Station to Covent Garden; about the same for culture vultures to get from the National Gallery to the British Museum along St Martin’s Lane. Read more here

Covid-19 epidemic and essential exercise

Keeping physically active is essential for health, including lung health. The desirability of walking, cycling, and running during the crisis have been emphasised by the government’s medical advisors. People will also need to continue to walk (or cycle) to their local shops and essential work.

The ‘two metres’ advice has highlighted the lack of highway space given to children and adults walking, running and cycling, especially on narrow pavements or those given over to pavement parking. This has necessitated people walking and running in the road when passing others, in order to maintain social distance. The level of vigilance needed, alongside existing stress about Covid-19, has contributed to making walking much less pleasant and more dangerous than it could and should be. Read more about our response here

Visit our website for lots more information about our work and be inspired to walk more and walk safely in Islington.

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