Health and wellbeing – let’s get active !

Intelligent Health slide on the effects of chronic stress caused by a lack of green space and no active travel

The webinar with speakers Cllr Rowena Champion and Dr William Bird on 24 February was fascinating; we all somehow knew that active travel was good for us but the medical science by Intelligent Health, Dr Bird’s company, was so compelling. Fingers crossed that Beat the Streets might be implemented in Islington later this year; the whole community would support that ! Slides available soon.

Fab opportunity Nature Conservation Apprenticeship

Islington’s biodiversity action plan

Islington Council’s Nature Conservation Team is currently recruiting for an apprentice. This consists of a two year opportunity to build on your interest in nature and your desire to work outdoors whilst working towards a Level 2 Country Worker qualification. You will work to help manage and maintain the borough’s three nature reserves and Islington Ecology Centre. More information here

Health and wellbeing – let’s get active !

Our next webinar is on Wednesday 24 February at 2000 when our speakers will be Cllr Rowena Champion, Transport & Environment lead at Islington Council and Dr William Bird the founder of Intelligent Health. They will discuss how People Friendly Streets (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) enable more active travel to support physical and mental wellbeing to say nothing of social distancing during the pandemic and as we are facing massive climate change. Sign up on EventBrite here !

Guess who’s celebrating their 1st birthday on 20 January 2021 ?

On this day in 2020, we held our first meeting in the Town Hall with 10 speakers from different Islington community groups. Although this site wasn’t live then, it was launched in April and we hope has kept the community spirit live throughout what has been a difficult time for so many. A big thank you to all the groups who have joined in and who have worked hard to improve our environment in so many different ways.

Meantime, we have a new date for your diaries – Wednesday 24 February – when our topic is Active Travel. Getting people physically active not only improves mental and physical health and wellbeing, it also saves public money and improves our environment. Changing behaviour isn’t easy but it’s imperative, faced with the pandemic and climate change, to support everyone in making safe active travel part of their daily lives.  We know it’s possible and what’s more, we know it’s fun.

Speakers to be announced very soon !

Islington Clean Air Toolkit event for Schools – 28 January at 1930

ICAP have been busy ! They have their launch of the Clean Air Toolkit for Schools at the end of January so book your ticket on Eventbrite and find out how you can campaign for cleaner air, a reduction in toxic air pollution and improve the environment at your childrens’ school. More info here:

Celebrating the Canonbury LTN on a sunny December morning

On 5 December, about 15 volunteers from many different groups got together round a pop-up parklet to hand out leaflets and chat to passers-by about the many benefits of LTNs, People Friendly Streets. Many people were enthusiastic about them and loved the safer, quieter streets and cleaner air and lots of families were out and about enjoying the sun. A few people had some concerns which we will pass on to the Council.

Such good news ….

Canonbury Place

We now have several Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Islington, all of which are delivering safer, quieter streets, cleaner air and more opportunities for communities to get together. Get involved in your local LTN, come and enjoy the ones already implemented, work towards your own LTN as the programme is rolled out. Importantly, talk to your councillors who hold regular ward partnership meetings and who are keen to hear from residents. More information here

Save Seven Trees at Dixon Clark Court

The seven endangered trees at Dixon Clark Court are still standing as at 17 October, ie nearly two weeks after their second deadline, the first having been in March. This is thanks to several tree protectors who are camping at the site at Highbury preventing the council’s developers from chopping them down to make way for a private block of flats and also to a relentless press campaign by many others. XR Islington and other community groups and individuals are determined to fight for the trees. Islington’s trees desperately need more protection so please sign this petition. Currently only 400 (that’s just 1%) of our local trees have any protection at all and this should be 100%. Please have a read and if you can, sign and spread the petition to everyone you know in Islington who cares about our trees. Many thanks. Petition is here

The Power of the Pedestrian Pound

photo courtesy of Alvaro Serrano

Sign up for our next webinar – The Power of the Pedestrian Pound on 15 October at 1730. Come with concerns, questions or curiousity and our three fab speakers with a wealth of experience and evidence will be able to help. STOP PRESS; delighted that two local traders are now also on our panel, Hak and Nick. Sign up here:

Diary date: 15 October at 1730

Our webinar on the Power of the Pedestrian Pound is confirmed. More details on EventBrite shortly but to tempt you, we are delighted to confirm three expert speakers and fingers crossed, a fourth to be announced soon:

  • Stephen Edwards, Director of Policy and Communications, London Living Streets
  • Cllr Clyde Loakes, deputy Leader and Environment Portfolio holder from Waltham Forest Council
  • Christopher Martin, Co-founder and Director of Urban Strategy, Urban Movement