Beat the Streets is here !

In February 2021, we organised a webinar about active travel and our key speaker was Dr William Bird of Intelligent Health. He told us about Beat the Streets, a game to encourage people to explore their local area, on foot, by bike, on scooters collecting points along the way. Cllr Rowena Champion was there and was listening intently … so intently that, guess what, it’s launching in Islington on 23 March. More info here

Why does a community parklet pose such a threat ?

On 28 June 2020, we posted that the Mayton Street parklet was under threat from the council. The plants have since not only survived but thrived under the careful eyes and green fingers of their creators – who hosted a group of visitors earlier in March 2022. In spite of the council’s recently-launched Greening Together initiative, the parklet is once again under threat. We need to be ready to protect it with common sense and compassion.

How to grow a community parklet !

Brenda’s inspiring community parklet in Hackney

The latest in the #NurtureIslington series giving people ideas on how to help mitigate climate change – this one, held on 23 February, was all about how to grow a community parklet. Hear what Brenda Peuch had to say about the process and the patience needed in creating these enchanting green oases in our car-filled streets.

#Nurture Islington

Here’s our calendar of events – lots of super interesting webinars and events with more being added all the time; for more details go to our dedicated page and sign up ! And if you’ve missed some of our previous ones, you can listen again, or see the slides.

  • 30 November: Launch with David Saddington and our speakers
  • 7 December: Environmentally Sustainable Diet
  • 13 January: Why we should care abour birds in a climate emergency

  • 26 January:  How to grow a forest
  • 23 February:  Creating a  community parklet
  • 6 March: Site visit to parklet
  • 15 March: Connecting the NHS and health to the climate crisis 
  • 20 March: I-Spy & Footways Spring Walk
  • 21 April: Healthy streets are climate safe streets