Webinar to inspire – 13 May: micro-greening our urban grey

Come and be inspired about what you can do to green your local environment right here right now; four speakers will share what they’re doing here in Islington and you will leave buzzing with positivity. STOP PRESS 11 May: we have five speakers, with a most welcome late entry to update us on some excitingContinue reading “Webinar to inspire – 13 May: micro-greening our urban grey”

Islington in Bloom !

Find a local treepit in need of tlc, pretty up your windowboxes, plant your garden with bee and insect friendly flowers, grow a herb garden, get the children involved …. lots of opportunities to enter the local ‘In Bloom’ competition run by Islington Council. It runs until 4 July and is on-line so you needContinue reading “Islington in Bloom !”

Greening our urban environment – webinar

We’re just pulling together the final speakers for a fab webinar ….. five people who are involved in local projects to make our grey environment green; more details to be announced in the next week. If you are looking for inspiration on what you can do on your own doorstep then keep an eye outContinue reading “Greening our urban environment – webinar”

Have you half an hour to help a student ?

Your help please for a Geography and urban planning student. She’s currently working on her dissertation on cycling as a sustainable transport mode. Her research is looking into the barriers to cycling as a sustainable transport mode within Islington for different social groups.  How can you help ? Give an interview lasting half an hourContinue reading “Have you half an hour to help a student ?”

Health and wellbeing – let’s get active !

The webinar with speakers Cllr Rowena Champion and Dr William Bird on 24 February was fascinating; we all somehow knew that active travel was good for us but the medical science by Intelligent Health, Dr Bird’s company, was so compelling. Fingers crossed that Beat the Streets might be implemented in Islington later this year; theContinue reading “Health and wellbeing – let’s get active !”

Fab opportunity Nature Conservation Apprenticeship

Islington Council’s Nature Conservation Team is currently recruiting for an apprentice. This consists of a two year opportunity to build on your interest in nature and your desire to work outdoors whilst working towards a Level 2 Country Worker qualification. You will work to help manage and maintain the borough’s three nature reserves and IslingtonContinue reading “Fab opportunity Nature Conservation Apprenticeship”

Health and wellbeing – let’s get active !

Our next webinar is on Wednesday 24 February at 2000 when our speakers will be Cllr Rowena Champion, Transport & Environment lead at Islington Council and Dr William Bird the founder of Intelligent Health. They will discuss how People Friendly Streets (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) enable more active travel to support physical and mental wellbeing toContinue reading “Health and wellbeing – let’s get active !”

Guess who’s celebrating their 1st birthday on 20 January 2021 ?

On this day in 2020, we held our first meeting in the Town Hall with 10 speakers from different Islington community groups. Although this site wasn’t live then, it was launched in April and we hope has kept the community spirit live throughout what has been a difficult time for so many. A big thankContinue reading “Guess who’s celebrating their 1st birthday on 20 January 2021 ?”

Islington Clean Air Toolkit event for Schools – 28 January at 1930

ICAP have been busy ! They have their launch of the Clean Air Toolkit for Schools at the end of January so book your ticket on Eventbrite and find out how you can campaign for cleaner air, a reduction in toxic air pollution and improve the environment at your childrens’ school. More info here: https://islingtoncleanairparents.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/clean-air-toolkit-for-schools-launch-event/

Celebrating the Canonbury LTN on a sunny December morning

On 5 December, about 15 volunteers from many different groups got together round a pop-up parklet to hand out leaflets and chat to passers-by about the many benefits of LTNs, People Friendly Streets. Many people were enthusiastic about them and loved the safer, quieter streets and cleaner air and lots of families were out andContinue reading “Celebrating the Canonbury LTN on a sunny December morning”