About us

This image was found on Twitter so thank you to the photographer who shared it

We are a connected group of individuals and charities sharing the same aims. Our first meeting was on 20 January 2020 when 10 speakers each spoke for (more or less) 10 minutes, presenting their projects to a public audience in Islington Town hall. As the coronavirus stopped all plans for having our community workshop at the end of April, we created this website to showcase all the inspiring projects and people in the borough who give their time to improving our environment. Without them, there would be no #inspiringsustainableislington. So a big thanks to David, Lucy, Helena, Rachael, Lynne, Jen, Ursula, Rosalind, Amy, Mandy, Simon, Susanne, Mike, Alex, Meg, Julia, Andrew, Brenda and so many more.

If there are issues with this website then please let Eilidh know eilidh.murray@blueyonder.co.uk. She is the coordinator of Cycle Islington, the local borough group of the London Cycling Campaign where she is a trustee. She is working with several charities to petition the Met Police to give their PCOs (Police Community Support Officers) more powers to fine speeding and idling drivers. As part of Islington Living Streets, she is campaigning with a group of gardeners to convince the council to implement a process for community parklets. And she was sad, as part of a group of tree protectors, not to be able to save the 7 endangered trees at Highbury Corner which were chopped down on 18 February 2021.

With thanks to Lucy Facer for her beautiful artwork for our logo and to the many inspirational individuals who are sustaining life in Islington.

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