#Nurture Islington

Here’s our calendar of events – lots of super interesting webinars and events with more being added all the time; for more details go to our dedicated page and sign up ! And if you’ve missed some of our previous ones, you can listen again, or see the slides.

  • 30 November: Launch with David Saddington and our speakers
  • 7 December: Environmentally Sustainable Diet
  • 13 January: Why we should care abour birds in a climate emergency

  • 26 January:  How to grow a forest
  • 23 February:  Creating a  community parklet
  • 6 March: Site visit to parklet
  • 15 March: Connecting the NHS and health to the climate crisis 
  • 20 March: I-Spy & Footways Spring Walk
  • 21 April: Healthy streets are climate safe streets

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