Guess who’s celebrating their 1st birthday on 20 January 2021 ?

On this day in 2020, we held our first meeting in the Town Hall with 10 speakers from different Islington community groups. Although this site wasn’t live then, it was launched in April and we hope has kept the community spirit live throughout what has been a difficult time for so many. A big thank you to all the groups who have joined in and who have worked hard to improve our environment in so many different ways.

Meantime, we have a new date for your diaries – Wednesday 24 February – when our topic is Active Travel. Getting people physically active not only improves mental and physical health and wellbeing, it also saves public money and improves our environment. Changing behaviour isn’t easy but it’s imperative, faced with the pandemic and climate change, to support everyone in making safe active travel part of their daily lives.  We know it’s possible and what’s more, we know it’s fun.

Speakers to be announced very soon !

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